Speaker Martijn Reintjes

Founder & CEO, Team Croco
Utrecht, Netherlands


Martijn Reintjes is a Location Independent Entrepreneur and the CEO of Team Croco, a fully remote CRO agency with a team spanning 5 continents. When he founded Team Croco 5 years ago he used his decade of experience of working remotely to build a virtual team and a lean and flexible online organization that has helped dozens of organizations grow their conversion rates. This virtual setup gives him the freedom to travel the world with his family while still growing his business. He also started working on a new startup project this year: a chatbot that helps build the culture in remote teams by enabling communication and reporting. Make sure to ask him about that, as it’s still quite “hush hush”. Martijn loves to inspire, and you will leave his talk with a view of the future of work and the strategies to implement it in your own organization.

Martijn's sessions

15:20 - 15:50 , Friday

The Rise of Remote Teams – How Your Company Can Flourish in the Age of Virtual Workers

For centuries work was tied to a fixed location: the office. But in this digital age, where all work is digital and in the cloud, you just need wifi to do you work. So why stay tied to a geographical location to hire new talent and keep up with expensive real estate to let them work?

In this talk Martijn Reintjes, Location Independent Entrepreneur and Founder of Team Croco, explains the trend of going remote and shares how companies can embrace it and flourish.