Peter Watson-Wailes

Founder, Tough & Competent

Session: Building Digital Brands
10:40 - 11:10, May 26th 2023, Strategy

Digital marketers love to get into the tactical weeds around how to achieve growth through a single channel; SEO, PPC, social media and so on. But few have any training in strategy and branding, which means their work ends up siloed, they fail to win budget and can’t deliver the growth they otherwise could. In this talk I’ll be looking at how brands are communicated, how organisations grow, and how to use your skills in digital marketing to grow revenue significantly for your clients.


Peter has 17 years experience in marketing. Over the years, he's consulted for FRHI Hotels, Amazon, Google, Arrow, Casio, Icelandair, Rightmove & more. He has also appeared at some of the biggest digital marketing conferences and smaller corporate events, delivering keynote and panel talks to audiences of all sizes. He's known for his unfiltered take on digital marketing and his views on where the industry is headed in the coming decade. He is also the author of the upcoming book The Art & Science of Creative Disruption, detailing how to conduct research to create genuinely effective marketing.