Boštjan Hozjan

Head of Development and Integrations, Red Orbit

Session: Case study 2: Benefits of​ a joint website and mobile app analytics
14:55 - 15:10, April 9th 2024, Deep dive
If you own a website and you've developed a mobile app that's closely related to the website and your users' behaviour, data, insights and business impacts are important to you, you should also start thinking about analytics setup that gathers data from both platforms and sends them into the single source of truth.

In this talk Boštjan will reveal how he did the same for and why combine tracking of a webpage and mobile app within a single entity in Google Analytics. He will talk about how it’s done, what’s good practice and what to pay attention to. Don’t miss Boštjan talk about why it’s important to do this, what insights we can get and what are the benefits of such a setup.


Co-founder of Red Orbit. Data & Analytics expert. A bit of a tech geek (mildly put). Considered one of the leading experts of web analytics in the region. Boštjan's been dealing with web analytics since 2005, and through a mix of a different projects he gained invaluable experience in this field.