Magda Kay

Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Conscious Relating Coach, Magda Kay

Session: How to make business & life decisions in perfect alignment with you
17:50 - 18:30, May 17th 2022, Deep dive
Session: Start your day with tantric energy activation
8:00 - 9:00, May 18th 2022, Strategy
The quality of your life depends on the decisions you make. And yet, it is sometimes the most difficult thing ever.
I will introduce you to a whole new system of making decisions, that works with 4 decision centers:
  • your head
  • your heart
  • you gut
  • and your sex (yes!)
Each of them gives you insights into what you need, and by working with them all, you’re able to make both business and life decisions that fully meet your needs and donor your boundaries.
This is about finding your full “FUCK YES” and moving with full confidence, even through most challenging decisions that life throws at you.

Did you know that breathwork is so much better than a morning cup of coffee? It will instantly wake you up and put you in form for the second conference day!

Tired, stressed, or with a headache from last night’s party? A fantastic time during the conference always comes with consequences, but do not worry. The morning session of tantric energy activation will awaken you and get you moving for all the exciting days ahead of you! The session will combine body movement and breathwork to awaken you, so join us dressed in something comfortable.


Hey, my name is Magda Kay. I’m an international Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Conscious Relating Coach. And I have the best job ever: I help people fall in love with themselves, experience more pleasure and build the most fulfilling relationships. Maybe you’re surprised to see me at this conference… But - as you will discover in our session - uniting the principles of Sacred Sexuality with the business world unlocks creativity, abundance and pleasure you can’t access any other way. I work with men and women, singles and couples. I guide my clients to connect deeper into their body, experience more pleasure on a daily basis, open their heart more and welcome deeper intimacy. I have business background in online marketing (I worked for such companies as Mindvalley). I love social psychology and probably read every single book on human behaviour. I’m a certified Tantra Yoga teacher, I studied energy work, ThetaHealing, ancient sexuality practices, Tantric massage and other forms of healing and bodywork.