Becky Simms

Founder and CEO, Reflect Digital

Session: What is your content marketing missing? The answer is G_M _F_C _T_O_
11:00 - 11:30, 17th September 2021, Strategy
We’ve all experienced brand fatigue, suffered with not being able to remember a brand, their message or what was unique. We are being marketed to all the time, therefore as marketeers we know how hard it is to cut through the noise. What do we care about?

We care about our content reaching our desired audience and we care that it resonates with them. We want them to remember our message and to take action, be that sales related, or a softer conversion such as following our brand on social media.

With so much noise out there, how can you stand out? How can you be memorable? How can you resonate and build a relationship with your audience?

In this talk, Becky will cover the psychology behind memorability and how we can use this along with other behavioural economics techniques to build content that achieves your goals.

Not only will this content deliver for your audience, it will also help you to build more data, generate PR, create links that will benefit your SEO strategy and it may also help you to learn more about your audience’s motivations.

Outcomes from Becky’s talk:

– Understanding of a number of key psychology principals that can be used in your future content creation
– A new approach to creating engaging content with your audience at the heart of it
– Case studies to show the theories in action
– Find out the full answer to G_M _F_C _T_O_


Becky has spent the last 10+ years working in digital marketing, starting Reflect Digital in 2011, which 9 years later has resulted in an award-winning team of 27 based in Kent, UK. Becky was awarded Agency Leader at the Wirehive Awards in October 2019. With a keen eye on tangible impact, Becky leads her team to continually challenge the norm – pushing boundaries and always going over and above to deliver to a high standard.