Matej Delakorda

CEO, NavajoLabs

Workshop: The RESILIENCE toolkit: a serious reflection and proven hacks on how to get your energy back in order to cope with your leadership and entrepreneurial challenges
14:40 - 16:10
What began as a modest resilience workshop a decade ago has evolved into a profound exploration of fortifying, nurturing, and replenishing energy reserves—essential for Matej as parent, business owner, and entrepreneur.

What was at first a pure surviving mechanism to cope with sleepless nights, responsibility challenges and tons of work, later developed into a strong resilience attitude and skillset on how to stand firm but also be flexible and agile with the business and live challenges life throws at you.


Father, entrepreneur, trainer and facilitator with more than 10 years of experience aiming to transform corporate education into meaningful learning journeys. His guiding principle is "Learn differently" where he combines behavior science, experiential learning and playful learning (yes, also Legos :) to achieve long-term learning impact. He is a Co-creator of the 1st experiential learning Hub in Europe where he is facilitating deeper learning workshops with diverse business leaders, parents and kids.