Joao Adao

Former Managing Director, Meta

Session: Conscious Leadership through the Storm: 5 Insights Inspired by Meta
09:45 - 10:30, April 9th 2024, Strategy
Most digital transformations fail because they focus on the surface process/system level, rather than diving into the cultural/mindsets level, where change truly begins.
For those leading through these profound changes, the challenge is both at the organizational level as well as personal. Inspired by Joao’s experience as Managing Director at Meta, these 5 Insights can serve as a guide to not only remain resilient through the constant change, but actually thrive as a result of it.


In his most recent role as Managing Director for Meta in South America, Joao led an acceleration of revenue growth as a result of creating a winning culture based on protagonist and continuous growth mindsets. In his previous experience as President for hibu in Latin America, Joao led a digital transformation of the parent company of Yellow Pages, as a result of strong cultural work on mindsets and effective execution, turning a former monopoly into an agile digital competitor and reversing an accelerating drop in revenue and profitability. He is currently Senior Associate Partner at the leading global culture consultancy firm Axialent. He advises senior business leaders on how to navigate the complex world of digital transformation effectively.