Eva Novak

Copywriter, ENKI

Session: Case study 1: How we used AI to fight for animal welfare
14:40 - 14:55, April 9th 2024, Deep dive
Tjaša and Eva, will talk about ENKI’s 360° marketing campaign “Animals are not a gift” that showcases the impactful use of AI for positive change and combining new technologies with the organic spread of awareness for best results.

Animal shelters often see an increase in adoptions during Christmas time that too often end in abandonment, since most animals are adopted to serve as a holiday present. To tackle the issue, ENKI agency did not only effectively spread awareness through collaborations, social media, and other channels, but provided a solution: AI-powered tool for generating alternative gifting ideas.


A copywriter and writer at heart, Eva loves to play with words and is adept at blending the art of storytelling with AI's innovative power to elevate brand narratives to new heights. At ENKI, she leads AI-driven marketing initiatives, leveraging new tools to boost creative strategies and elevate campaign effectiveness. Her passion for innovation and creativity drives her to always craft new ideas and approaches to brand communication. Eva's diverse experience at ENKI, Pristop and tourism industry has not only enabled her to craft compelling narratives for prominent Slovenian and international brands but also solidified her expertise in creating engaging content.