Michael Heinley

Senior Director of Product Management, Decathlon

Session: Using Ideas to Ruin Reputations and Diminish Influence
11:30 - 12:00, April 10th 2024, Strategy
No word conjures up more inspiration, empowerment, and optimism than ideas! Ideas are the lifeblood of innovation! The path forward to progress!

In this talk Michael will discuss why these are misguided notions, how ideas may derail product teams, how ideas can be the opposite of good Product Management, and how to steer your team out of an idea trap.


Michael is a seasoned product manager at Decathlon that boasts a dynamic career spanning 7 industries, managing products that range from 33 to 33 million daily users. Renowned for achieving three 9-digit uplifts, Michael's strategic vision and innovative approach have consistently driven remarkable growth and user engagement across diverse markets.