Speaker Ann Stanley

Anicca Digital Ltd
Managing Director , Anicca Digital Ltd
Leicester, United Kingdom


Ann Stanley is the founder and MD of Anicca Digital, with over 15 years’ experience of online marketing.  She is Google AdWords Accredited and a chartered marketer. She provides consultancy, training and implementation of a range of digital marketing services including; strategy/planning, analytics/auditing, website design/development, ecommerce marketing, SEO, PPC, marketing automation and paid social advertising. Ann speaks at local, national and international events on a range of digital marketing subjects but specialises in practical tips on using AdWords, Search, ecommerce and marketing automation.

Ann's sessions

09:50 - 10:20 , Friday

Practical Tips in Setting Up and Optimising Shopping Ads

In many countries, Shopping ads have over taken text ads, as the main source of traffic from Google, to e-commerce website.
The key elements of maximising ROAS from shopping ads can be divided into the following areas - 1) feed creation, quality and optimisation, 2) campaign, ad groups and product group structure; plus the use of negatives and priorities for sculpting, 3) bidding, optimisation, use of remarketing and other audiences to help improve profitability.
Ann will take you through each of these stages and explain how you can use various tools to improve your campaigns and the latest data on CSS partners.

She will also explain some of the external factors that will impact your performance that you may have less control of, such as competitors pricing and bidding strategies. She will cover:

Getting started with shopping ads, including product feeds and merchant account
Structuring your shopping campaigns, including use of negatives and priorities (sculpting strategies)
Bids and bidding options, use of benchmark data and optimising your campaigns
Use or remarketing strategies with Shopping (dynamic remarketing and RLSA)
Other innovations in Google including Showcase shopping ads and Smart Shopping campaigns
Advantages of using feed management and optimisation software
Whats different and setting up Bing Shopping ads?