Arnout Hellemans

Search and Analytics Consultant

Session: Measuring SAAS recurring revenue in Google Analytics and more
11:00 - 11:30, 20th of March 2020, B2B
Workshop: Advanced Google Analytics Course
18th of March 2020
I will inspire and show you how you can use Google Analytics to measure SAAS recurring revenue and way more things (like offline conversions, phone calls etc).

The possibilities are endless, however I don’t see it used a lot at this moment. Let’s change that.

Google Analytics is an amazing tool however by default it is not very usable, so in this workshop we are diving in to get actionable insights based on a good understanding of what you can see and use in analytics.
We will cover the basics of tracking, common misunderstandings (myth busting), and must do's, but we will also go deep in.

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I'm a foodie who just loves the search and analytics line of work, you can wake me up for a properly bbq'ed t-bone steak or a discussion about entities or direct traffic in Google Analytics.