Speaker Arnout Hellemans

Freelance SEO and Analytics consultant, Sitly
Amsterdam, Netherlands


I’m a foodie and online marketeer from Amsterdam who is all about improving websites and loves data. My motto is ABO (Always Be Optimising), and I love chatting about Google Analytics, SEO and PPC.

Arnout's sessions

E-commerce Checkout Optimalisations.

Any e-commerce site has a checkout process, but how many have an awesome one? Not many ...
Learn how to step up the checkout game with this practical and actionable presentation on how to optimise your checkout flow. From basic UX principles, communication as well as next level technical tweaks. You'll see them all with implementation and proven impact.

Google Analytics Is Broken by Default.

Google Analytics is broken by default, but learn how to fix it with the practical tips. And start looking at actionable data.