Simone Iuculano

CRO Manager, Jakala

Session: Lesson learnt: a 5-year story on how not to let an experimentation program fail
11:10 - 11:40, April 9th 2024, Deep dive
Take one Fashion e-commerce, one Telco e-commerce, one Insurance website, one Cruise e-commerce, and one Mobility e-commerce. What do they have in common besides sounding like the beginning of a sad joke about CRO? Nothing? Perhaps...

That is until the Digital Marketing Managers decide to embark on an Experimentation journey to increase conversions, enhance UX, and reduce customer frustration. It’s only then that these seemingly diverse websites start to resemble each other, facing the same dilemmas: why do most conducted tests yield neutral or negative results? How can we reduce the risk of test failure? What truly motivates my users to make a purchase? How do I understand it? How do I quickly build a test backlog to avoid waiting months before launching a test?

These and other questions find an answer only when the failures of all these brands can be observed together, when the pieces of the puzzle are brought together to form a clear picture of how to effectively conduct an A/B Testing program.

In this session, Simone will guide you on a 5-year journey where he collected challenges, difficulties, failures, and successes from various experimentation projects to summarize them into practical lessons that can be applied in any industry. We’ll explore real cases and real results, no theory and no best practices, just a practical approach to improve immediately in CRO.


Seeing a job sector born from scratch in a country presents two possibilities: one can replicate what others have done in the past in different markets, or one can try to "reinvent the wheel" by drawing inspiration from others but adding their own touch in the process. This is what happened to Simone over 7 years ago in Italy with Conversion Rate Optimization. In recent years, he has spent his time alongside the most important Italian brands to instill a "new" culture of analysis focused on a full understanding of the user experience, without limiting it to a mere imitation game (best practices are best only when interpreted, not copied). Today, at Jakala, he leads the largest CRO team in Italy and helps international brands from various sectors incorporate the test and learn culture into their business.