Martin Pelcl

CEO, Daibau International

Session: The Road to Relevance: Lessons Learned on the path to 1.5 million users
10:30 - 11:00, April 10th 2024, Strategy
In their lecture, Martin and Črt, Daibau’s CEO and CMO will share the biggest lessons, mistakes and insights of the company’s growth from 0 to 1.5 million monthly users and expansion from their home market of Slovenia to a current total of 16 markets including Nigeria and Vietnam.

Martin and Črt will discuss challenges of being caught between two customer satisfaction levels – B2B customers on one hand and B2C customers on the other and how they balance their customer satisfaction, operational challenges and marketing efforts.

They will discuss the challenges of starting a service platform that needs B2B users on one hand, but to acquire them they first need B2C users. And to get B2C users, they first need B2B users. We will look at different acquisition models, from SEO-first, to paid performance and branding approaches tested in different markets to get the platform from point 0 to the stage where it’s a significant enough player in the market to matter to both types of their users.

They will share obvious mistakes they made, surprising failures, time and market tested effective strategies and some “aha” moments that fueled their growth significantly and unexpectedly across their expansion in CEE, Africa and South-east Asia.


Martin is an architect by trade and heart but his real passion is entrepreneurship. He co-founded a successful Slovenian architectural bureau Coinhab that started its life as a crowdfunding platform for construction with direct ownership and has since completed several successful construction projects in Slovenia. For the past 12 years he has also served as Daibau International’s co-founder and CEO developing a construction platform with a monthly reach of 1.5 million users, that is designed to help individuals tackle the challenges of construction and renovation projects and assist them in finding the right contractors to work with. He navigated Daibau on its way from being a challenger towards the status of market leader.