Explore our diverse categories, that gives you the opportunity to showcase your proficiency in digital marketing. Find where your work stands out.

Best Use of Paid Search 

This category seeks to honor the most effective and innovative paid search approach that showcases excellent planned strategy, implementation, creativity, and business results.  We’re looking for campaigns that have successfully harnessed the power of paid search channels, like Google Ads and Bing Ads, to drive targeted traffic, boost conversions, increase brand visibility, and achieve measurable results. If your approach stands out from the competition, showcases innovative strategies, and delivers measurable results, this award is your golden opportunity to shine.


Best Use of Organic Search 

Calling all search engine optimization virtuosos! This category recognizes campaigns or projects that have successfully implemented SEO strategies and techniques to improve organic search rankings, enhance website visibility, and attract relevant organic traffic. Judges will assess the effectiveness of your research, insights, strategy, innovation and implementation including usage of content optimization, technical SEO, link building, and other techniques in achieving tangible SEO outcomes. This award is your chance to be recognized as a true SEO maestro.


Best use of Organic Social 

The Best Organic Social award celebrates outstanding achievements in leveraging social media platforms for organic growth and engagement. This category recognizes brands and companies that have effectively utilized social media channels, such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, or YouTube, to build brand awareness, foster meaningful connections with the target audience, and drive organic social engagement. It’s about creating compelling content, through a strategic approach and for nurturing a community that goes beyond ‘liking’ and ‘sharing.’. We’re recognizing brands that truly ‘socialize’.

Best Use of Email 

Email remains a potent channel in the digital space. This award is for those who have turned the inbox into a canvas of creativity and conversion and that have demonstrated exceptional use of email as a marketing channel to engage, nurture, and convert leads or customers. Whether it’s through personalized content, innovative designs, or strategic automation, we’re spotlighting campaigns that have delivered exceptional open and click-through rates,  driven engagement, loyalty, and action and generated tangible business results. 


Best Use of Paid Media Channels

Blending the art of compelling visuals with the precision of targeted delivery, this category recognizes exceptional paid advertising campaigns across paid media channels, such as social media and Google display network. Entries will be evaluated based on their overall strategy, targeting, creativity, messaging, visual design, and overall campaign effectiveness. We’re looking for campaigns that have effectively leveraged budget, audience targeting, and creative assets to drive significant brand impact and to achieve the desired marketing objectives.