INORBIT Experience


Ready for a new opportunity to express your business ideas, brainstorm, test and deploy whatever you imagine? Now’s your chance!

Relax’ entrepreneurial challenge will be organized as OUR FIRST hackathon at our inOrbit conference! You will have the amazing opportunity to be first, present your idea and perhaps even realize it! Along with your team, for which we believe it will be full of creativity and inventiveness, you might win holidays worth 1.500€, proudly organized by Relax, tourist agency. You can’t say no to free holiday.

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Start your second conference day with a morning run on the shores of the Adriatic Sea! Join Brigita Langerholc, one of the best Slovenian runners, 4th at the Olympic Games in Sydney, and your fellow conference attendees, as you discover scenic routes around the conference venue.

We partnered with Hervis, so you can enjoy the early rays of sunlight while running down the coast overlooking the Gulf of Piran. InOrbit running enthusiasts will have special access to this scenic run for an energizing start of the day.

It gets even better. Every participant will receive a voucher for a month of free professional running training, provided by Hervis. How cool is that?!

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Long, short or steaming hot, we got you covered. Whatever your preference is, we have it all! Love for coffee usually grows stronger by the hour at our conference, and thus we have prepared an abundance of it, so that your cup will never go dry. Special coffee corners place inside the conference venue, we are sure you will not be able to miss them. Those heavenly coffee corners will always have a shot of caffeine ready for you and an awesome aroma will make the learning experience even better. So go on, treat yourself!



Of course we did not forget to bring fuel for your brains or even material for your IG! #nomnom #hungry

There will be a lunch break waiting for you with all that warm and tasty food. In an open kitchen concept, we will present light and healthy, or wholesome with a twist of indulgence: it will be designed to satisfy and keep you up till the end of the day. Throughout the day, you may need some re-energizing or fancy a nibble. No problem, we’ve got you covered.

You know, good food is the foundation of genuine happiness and we want you to be nothing but that.


We haven’t forgotten the fun times, because you need to unwind, have a laugh (even if) at your own expense, and kick some ass! You know, for that time at the conference when you feel you just need to be a bit silly.

One should always take some time to play, so come and exercise your brain during some classic contemporary board games. You can come alone or already in a group, and you’ll get mixed and matched with others to create a new team.

If you are not a fan of those, a game of a table football is a great opportunity for networking and having fun at the same time! They say football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes, wins. That’s why we dare you to challenge yourself! But if you are more of an Xbox fan, we have got you covered! A special place inside the venue is reserved for an Xbox experience.


The first day is over and you have to unwind and meet all the interesting people you came across during the day, not having had time to chat before. It is beer o’clock after our last lecture outside the Europa hall. Cold, refreshing beer will be waiting for you in the hall for easier daily transition. Take the time to relax and connect with other conference attendees while enjoying a refreshing beverage.


To The Moon and Back- Epic InOrbit Party

Houston, we have a party! Unwind with us after a long day full of interesting lectures and workshops. Fly with us to the moon and back, and let us entertain you among the stars.

Destination: Moon.
Take-off: 21.00, Thursday, March 15th
Launch platform: Lobby of the Grand Hotel Bernardin.
Chief mission musicians: Xequtifz, urban pop band, who say that life is what you make it. Fill your evening with good company, good music and make it an enjoyable adventure.
Landing: DJ Jaka, playing funk / disco & house related species
Fuel provider: Beefeater Gin London
Chief nutritionist: Catering Kukman