Sabina Bizjak

SEO expert & strategist, Red Orbit

Session: Case study 3: SEO – Mission possible
14:00 - 14:15, April 10th 2024, Deep dive
Sabina will delve into the strategic SEO overhaul for Hervis SI's online storefront, initiating with a meticulous six-month audit of 2022's traffic sources to craft ambitious 2023 organic traffic objectives.

She will delineate the essential measures for amplification of organic reach, whilst acknowledging the intrinsic challenges and limitations inherent to the Hervis digital framework. Sabina’s discourse will further unravel the strategic and tactical blueprint implemented to surmount these hurdles, leading to an analytical discourse on the encountered impediments. The culmination of her presentation will juxtapose the actual outcomes against the predefined targets, accentuating pivotal insights. This case stands out as it epitomizes triumph over the anticipated technical constraints of the website, achieving the set benchmarks against the odds.


Sabina's colleagues say she's faster than Superman :) She says, she's super organized, professional, team oriented and persistent. Sabina's been doing SEO for almost 7 years and helped more than 100 clients achieve better results on Google. Her extensive experience in the field of SEO and exceptional ability to work with clients are her advantages. But if you ask her what she prefers to do in life, no it's not SEO.. it's dancing.