Tom Roach

VP & Brand Strategy, Jellyfish

Session: Brand-building creativity in the digital platforms
16:25 - 17:10, April 9th 2024, Strategy
Tom's talk focussed on brand-building in the platform world, specifically, creativity within the platforms, and how to drive creative effectiveness today.

Digital once promised so much in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, tracking, and accountability. Sadly the reality didn’t live up to the hype. But now we’re entering a new era – one where the best understanding about things have always worked are being blended with new ways of doing things, and the evidence suggests things are beginning to work better as a result. Tom will discuss how clients, agencies and creators are getting to grips with the new environment, showcasing examples of effective creativity from around the world.


Tom is a multi-award-winning brand strategist with experience in some of the world’s best agencies. His columns for Marketing Week and blogs on creative effectiveness are required reading in the industry. He's now VP Brand Strategy at new era marketing company Jellyfish, part of the Brandtech Group and is in demand as a speaker at major marketing industry events, including Cannes Lions and SXSW.