Grega Gostinčar

Co-founder, FeelRooty

Session: Unlocking Peak Performance: Biohacking, Habits & Brain Boosters
9:00 - 9:30, April 10th 2024, Fireside
Are you looking to kickstart your mornings with focus, productivity, energy, and motivation? Wondering if peak performance is within everyone's reach or just a select few? Curious about how tweaking your daily routines can consistently align your mindset for success? Interested in understanding biohacking and its role in reaching your optimal state? And what about the effects of coffee, brain supplements, nootropics, psychedelics, and other compounds on your performance?

Let’s dive into these topics and explore how you can harness these strategies for your personal and professional growth. Join the conversation and let’s embark on this journey together!


Since 2015, Grega invested over 100,000€ into enhancing his mental performance, seeking peak cognitive clarity. This journey has reshaped his daily habits and introduced him to biohacking and transformative psychedelic experiences. Grega also engaged in advanced brain training and worked with renowned therapists, diving deep into impactful therapy sessions. His exploration extended to experimenting with over 250 nootropics and testing various brain optimization tools and protocols. This rich tapestry of experiences has significantly contributed to Grega's understanding of cognitive enhancement, marking a profound journey into unlocking human potential.