Črt Podlogar

Ecommerce Marketing Director, speaker / lecturer, consultant and digital enthusiast, Sensilab



Experienced digital strategist and consultant with over 10 years of experience in digital advertising and online sales. During his career he took care of the ecosystem of more than 100 online stores for a larger company from the CEE region, and later took care of clients' advertising strategies, first at Renderspace and then took care of largest clients as strategic director at Red Orbit and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of different advertising approaches in Slovenian and foreign markets. As a former radio announcer, debater and investigative journalist he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in digital marketing as a lecturer at various Slovenian and international conferences. Today, he is responsible for the development and effectiveness of advertising as the Marketing Director at Sensilab, a member of the international Vision Healthcare Group. When he’s not honing his digital skills on the Playstation 5, he trains for a career of a space pirate. He is a much worse space pirate than a digital advertiser. For now.