Črt Podlogar

Ecommerce Marketing Director, speaker / lecturer, consultant and digital enthusiast, Sensilab

Session: Performance focused KPIs that drive e-commerce decision making
14:00 - 14:30, 17th September 2021, Strategy

In a performance-focused world of e-commerce it’s easy to get overwhelmed by data. And it’s even harder to find actionable data you can trust and make decision based on. How to collect data? From what sources? Can there be a single source of truth? Do we all look at the same report? How many reports do we need? How do we get people to read reports? Even more importantly, how do we get them to use them for action-taking and decision-making processes on a daily level.

Sensilab has dozens and dozens of reports – some instrumental for business, others less so. Many were created and discarded or simply forgotten. And the entire organisation lives their daily lives with the help of these reports. What their e-commerce marketing team of 100+ experts does is defined by these reports. A combination of Google Analytics, Supermetrics, Data Studio and PowerBI helps drive the organization towards growth. Their E-commerce Marketing Director, Črt Podlogar will talk about how to built and define these reports but more importantly how to adopt a fully KPI focused approach to decision making within the company.


Experienced digital strategist, consultant and speaker dedicated to solving marketing and sales challenges facing companies that strive to understand how digital can help them achieve their results and influence their marketing and sales. With 10 years of international experience in website development, digital marketing, CRM/ERP integrations, analytics and e-commerce sales, today I discover and analyse the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of digital platforms and channels to find new opportunities for my clients. As a former competitive debater, aspiring journalist, sociologist and radio speaker I try to harness those experiences and skills I received as a public speaker at different international conferences and events, spreading the good word of digital.