Rok Hrastnik

CEO, Guericom

Session: Deploy E-commerce Growth Economics for “Unstoppable” Growth
12:00 - 12:30, April 10th 2024, Strategy
In his talk, Rok will discuss how e-commerce growth, while inherently challenging, can be navigated more smoothly with the right strategies.

He will delve into the deployment of growth economics as a means to accelerate progress, regardless of the current stage in the e-commerce lifecycle. Rok plans to cover essential topics such as the proper management of an e-commerce P&L, strategies for growth through contribution margin management, and how to effectively navigate the three core growth models. Attendees can expect to receive clear, step-by-step processes from Rok that are designed to lead to growth, overcoming any obstacles that may stand in the way.


Rok Hrastnik is a distinguished figure in the ecommerce sector, boasting over two decades of leadership experience. He has a proven track record of scaling ecommerce businesses, having successfully navigated two companies to achieve annual revenues exceeding ‚ā¨50 million. Rok is renowned for his ability to assemble and lead formidable teams, with a history of managing over 300 personnel. At the heart of his approach lies a deep commitment to growth economics; Rok excels in leveraging economic principles to drive and manage business expansion. His expertise makes him an invaluable speaker, especially for those looking to understand the dynamics of accelerating growth in the competitive ecommerce landscape.