Jon Quinton

Founder, Overdrive Digital

Session: Lessons From Investing £50k Into Our Own Ecommerce Brand
15:00 - 15:30, May 27th 2023, Strategy
In 2022 we decided to launch our own e-commerce brand on the side of our agency to help develop our team, put our money where our mouth is, and put ourselves in our client's shoes.

6 months into the project, this session will talk through some of the key learnings to date and give a blow-by-blow account of launching an e-commerce business in 2023.

The key takeaways from this account will include:

  • Our chosen channel mix
  • What we’ve seen working
  • What didn’t work!


Having worked in digital marketing for 12 years, in 2016 Jon founded Overdrive Digital, a performance marketing partner for brands across B2C and B2B. Jon regularly contributes to the digital marketing community via publishing a variety of blog posts, podcasts, and regular webinars.