Dennis Yu

Chief Executive Officer, Your Content Factory

Session: Dollar-a-Day Dominance: Mastering Cross-Platform Paid Social Strategies on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn
14:00 - 14:30, April 10th 2024, Strategy
In this talk, Dennis will ensure you're not just generating buzz but building a pipeline of measurable leads and sales through effective digital plumbing. Learn to balance brand visibility with concrete outcomes in paid social.

Master paid social with a focus on tangible results, not just engagement. This talk covers:

Strategic Content Amplification: Identify and boost content that not only engages but drives action across key platforms.
Seamless Cross-Platform Remarketing: Implement campaigns that keep your brand front and center, turning interest into inquiries.
Targeted Local Strategies: Apply these tactics locally for precise targeting that increases calls and leads, not just likes.
Leveraging Authority with the Lighthouse Model: Use authentic stories and client successes to amplify what works, guided by our unique approach

Receive Dennis’s action guide complete with SOPs, ready for your team to execute.


Dennis Yu is a highly skilled search engine engineer with a remarkable background in digital advertising, having managed Facebook ad campaigns with a cumulative spend of a billion dollars. His expertise and insights have led him to debate digital topics with notable figures like Mark Zuckerberg on CNN, showcasing his depth of knowledge and passion for the industry. Beyond his technical accomplishments, Dennis is driven by a visionary goal: to generate a million SEO jobs in developing countries. He aims to achieve this through offering specialized certifications, thereby opening up opportunities for talent in these regions. His commitment to both the technical and humanitarian aspects of his work makes him a compelling speaker for those interested in the transformative power of SEO and digital marketing.