Sam Lewis-Williams

Head of Marketing Automation, The Financial Times

Session: Marketing Freaks Podcast Live! The Future of Marketing: What’s Left For Us Humans?
18:45 - 19:30, April 8th 2024, Strategy
This live podcast recording will be based around a fireside chat, discussing AI & automation in marketing, and what human element is still required as we move towards the future.

With Sam, an expert at the top of her field and plenty of opportunity for audience interaction and Q&A, this is set to be an entertaining and informative session.


Head of Marketing Automation for the FT, Sam worked in news media for over 8 years now, kicking off her career at the Economist. She's been lucky enough to enjoy the journey as the industry has moved from linear email-heavy campaigns to automated, omnichannel experiences. Sam loves talking about how automation powers hyper-personalisation and how that can be used to create a real relationship between your brand and your customers.