Tjaša Lenardič


Session: Case study 1: How we used AI to fight for animal welfare
14:40 - 14:55, April 9th 2024, Deep dive
Tjaša and Eva, will talk about ENKI’s 360° marketing campaign “Animals are not a gift” that showcases the impactful use of AI for positive change and combining new technologies with the organic spread of awareness for best results.

Animal shelters often see an increase in adoptions during Christmas time that too often end in abandonment, since most animals are adopted to serve as a holiday present. To tackle the issue, ENKI agency did not only effectively spread awareness through collaborations, social media, and other channels, but provided a solution: AI-powered tool for generating alternative gifting ideas.


Tjaša Lenardič started her career with the Master's of viral advertising. Now, she works as CEO in the ENKI agency, which already boasts eight titles of the best digital team of the year. She co-created several projects for brands such as Porsche, Atlantic Grupa, Spar, T-2, Natureta etc., Numerous awards were achieved for her work, also a nomination for the best entrepreneurial idea was given for her independent project. She invests in a community as mentor, lecturer and member of juries.