Tjaša Lenardič

Strategist, ENKI

Workshop: Understanding influencer marketing
14:00 - 17:00
Influencer marketing has become one of the most important and often used tactics in digital marketing. Because the effectiveness of traditional advertising declines and almost everyone turns to the internet for content, influencer marketing is increasingly gaining popularity as the preferred choice for brands to grow awareness and drive conversions based on influencer recommendations. 62% of marketers report an increase in sales, engagement, higher brand trust as a result of digital campaigns that include influencers. So, what are the right tactics, trends, challenges, and future investment that help you create your influencer marketing campaign which stands out? Let's find out in this inOrbit workshop.


Tjaša Lenardič started her career with the Master's of viral advertising. Now, she works as a marketing strategist in the ENKI agency, which already boasts seven titles of the best digital team of the year. She co-creates several well known brands such as Atlantic Grupa, Natureta, Spar, T-2, Kemofarmacija, JUB, Triglav skladi etc. Numerous awards were achieved for her work, also a nomination for the best entrepreneurial idea was given for her independent project. She invests in a community as mentor, lecturer and member of juries.