Timo Aden

Digital Analytics Evangelist, Digitl

Session: The future of Tracking – Business in a cookieless world
12:00 - 12:30, April 10th 2024, Deep dive
The tracking landscape has changed a lot over the last year and will be facing new challenges with the deprecation of third party cookies also in Google Chrome as well as DMA beginning in March 2024.

This talk will set the scene from a legal and business perspective. Solutions will be shown how to react and act and what impact this will have on tracking.


Timo Aden is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Digitl. After studying business administration in Germany, Sweden and China, Timo initially worked as a product manager for an online marketing company before becoming responsible for Google Analytics in several countries at Google Germany. In this role, he advised companies on the implementation and use of Google Analytics. He has been active as a Google partner for 15 years and is a sales and service partner of the Google Marketing Platform, focusing on Google Analytics (360) and the AdTech tools, as well as the cloud. In recent years, Timo has advised and supported numerous medium-sized, large and international companies in the field of marketing technology as he was one of the founders of Trakken. He was also the best-selling author of three German speaking Google Analytics books.