Blaž Pregelj

Chief Gamification Officer, Brainylab

Session: Case study 4: Achievement Unlocked: How Sava Insurance Gamified Lead Generation and Subscribed Over 2,000 Families?
14:15 - 14:30, April 10th 2024, Deep dive
Welcome to a story of how creative and playful content turns everyday challenges into opportunities to win hearts, minds, and loyalty.

Winter Holidays are a peak of fun and excitement for the kids. But just as holidays are fun for kids, they also bring some challenges and problems for the parents:
– How to spend quality time with kids?
– How to make sure they don’t spend too much of it on the screen devices?
– How many games to pack for the holiday retreat?
Sava recognised these challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities to innovate, engage and connect. They used gamification to create an emotional solution that captivated families across the country.
We’ll take you behind the scenes of a unique gamified campaign that answers some common holiday dilemmas. We’ll showcase the strategic thinking, planning, and creative ideas that went into developing content that parents and children alike couldn’t resist.
You will learn how Sava used gamification to collect high quality leads from a very specific target audience.
We’ll share insights on the complexities of designing a gamified campaign that feels less like a lead generation strategy and more like an invitation to adventure, creating a deeper brand connection and trust among families.


Blaž is a seasoned digital marketing professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. From his starts as content creator in biggest Slovenian retailer Big Bang, he continued his career as performance marketing director in digital agency (dAgency) of Slovenias biggest agency Pristop. While working there, he discovered his true passion. Gamification. Now, five years and 100 gamified projects later, his companies Escapebox and brainylab trail blaze a path in gamification marketing and creative interactive web solutions.