Boško Praštalo

Chief networker

Session: The Art of Networking in the Business World
19:30 - 20:15, April 8th 2024, Strategy
Have you ever thought about how networking changes lives and opens the door to countless opportunities? In the lecture 'The Art of Networking in the Business World,' Boško will teach you how each of us, as a personal brand, can positively influence the quality of relationships around us. Think about your impact: Why do people value you? Why do they work with you? How do they grow and develop with your contribution?

At this talk, Boško will show you how to strategically shape your network and decide who you want in your circle. You will learn how to become a proactive person whom others trust and how to build mutual relationships that bring value to everyone involved.

Networking is not just exchanging business cards or having short conversations at events. It’s the art of building deep, meaningful connections that can take you further than you ever imagined. Boško will reveal how networking can change your career path and make you indispensable in the world of business relationships. Don’t miss the opportunity for growth, innovation, and gaining new perspectives.


With over five years of experience in networking, Boško has developed a passion for sharing knowledge and skills that help individuals and teams make significant progress in their business and personal lives. His approach is grounded in the belief that strong, meaningful relationships are the key to success. By developing the "TOP 100" Model, Boško has become a pioneer of a flexible networking system in Slovenia, enabling people to tailor networking strategies to their individual needs. Boško's book, "NETWORKING: Networking Secrets in the Private and Business World," is a collection of valuable tips and insights gathered over years of practice, highlighting the crucial role of networking in professional development. He is a dedicated mentor and advisor focused on improving communication skills, establishing and maintaining key relationships, and aiding in the achievement of set goals. Boško envisions a world where every individual discovers the power of networking as an opportunity for growth and development. Through workshops and individual consulting, he builds a strong foundation for successful networking, opening doors to new opportunities. Boško prides himself on being more than just another networker in the crowd, but someone who truly believes in the power of connection and wishes to share this passion with others.