Karmen Krumpestar

Executive director, Red Orbit

Session: Drive growth: taking chances, but not by chance
12:40 - 13:10, April 9th 2024, Strategy
How to drive growth - from identifying an opportunity to seizing it in the best way possible. While Karmen does not have foolproof methods, there are tactics that are more likely to work.

This lecture will provide you with actionable insights to drive growth. Whether you come home with many new ideas or just one insight, you are a winner. You are going to take one step towards being better at navigating uncertainties and transforming risks into opportunities. Whatever you do – don’t leave your success to chance!


Karmen, Red Orbit's Executive Director, focuses on removing obstacles in work processes, with the aim of smooth daily operations and achieving the agency's objectives. She is involved in the formulation of business strategies and the planning of digital marketing activities, while constantly keeping up with trends.