Andrea D'Ottavio

Vagabond CEO, Webing

Session: Conversations boost Conversions: how two letters can have a huge impact on your digital campaigns
12:40 - 13:10, April 9th 2024, Deep dive
Transform your social media accounts into dynamic platforms where conversations drive conversions.

Andrea will show you how to seamlessly integrate chatbots into your social media strategy, fostering personalized interactions that build brand loyalty and propel sales.


Andrea D'Ottavio, a self-described location-independent digital hippie, brings over two decades of expertise in digital marketing. His journey into this dynamic field took a significant turn 15 years ago during a transformative visit to Bali, Indonesia. It was there that Andrea discovered his passion for blending work with lifestyle, managing to execute social media contests for some of the world's most prominent brands. As the visionary behind Webing, Andrea and his team specialize in orchestrating creative giveaways and social media contests that captivate audiences globally.