Tomaž Valjavec

Azure GMT lead, Microsoft

Session: Navigating the AI Revolution: Insights and Strategies for Success
10:40 - 11:10, April 9th 2024, Strategy
Embark on an insightful exploration where we'll delve into the latest developments in AI technology and present a series of compelling use cases from our clients.

This session is designed to not only inform but also empower you with practical strategies and demos to harness AI effectively in your businesses. Ideal for marketers, business leaders, and tech enthusiasts, it’s a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of AI’s impact and how to prepare for its integration into the business world.


Tomaž Valjavec lead Azure and AI business for 109 countries in CEMA (Central Europe, Midle East and Africa). He is responsible to build successful sales strategies, equip sales teams with programs and investments, work hand in had on key opportunities, and operates teams to make customers ready to buy and sellers ready to sell.