Speaker Marko Perme

CEO, Agilcon


Marko Perme is the CEO and co-founder of Agilcon, the leading sales, service & marketing automation (in short – CRM) consultancy firm in the region. His passion and Agilcon’s mission revolves around understanding and digitizing complete customer lifecycle and building bridges between sales, service and marketing worlds for his customers – using Salesforce solutions.

Marko's sessions

13:20 - 13:50 , Friday

Hello From The Other (Sales) Side

Marketing and sales alignment — or really, misalignment — is a persistent problem that plagues organizations of every size. It is a mix of culture, process and technology related challenges that prevent companies, specially in B2B, to create connected, efficient process with measurable results.
We will walk you through building marketing-to-sales bridge: We will talk about identifying the right KPI’s, how sales teams can feed marketing pipeline and how marketing teams can improve the quality of sales pipeline. It’s about technology, but also collaboration and culture.