Speaker Jill Quick

Co-Founder, The Coloring in Department
London, United Kingdom


Jill Quick has been working in digital marketing since 2003 and is the Co-Founder of The Coloring in Department. A professional digital marketing trainer who has taught thousands of people, across hundreds of companies, ranging from startup founders, SMEs to Fortune 500 Brands. Unfiltered, down to earth, with a goal to explain analytics and digital marketing concepts in a clear and digestible format. She has a knack in creating guided, practical, step-by-step, paint-by-numbers style templates to get you where you need to be, faster.

Jill's sessions

09:50 - 10:20 , Friday

When the Numbers Just Don’t Add Up: Kinks and Quirks in Google Analytics

You cannot get away with NOT reporting on your work, whether you are an agency or in house, someone wants to know if they gave you some cash, what did they get for it!

So, you venture into your Google Analytics and may find yourself scratching your head when the numbers just don’t add up, make sense, or are just plain missing. There are a few reasons why this may be the case.

This talk will venture into the promised land of GA, and the kinks and quirks that come with it, as well as some mistakes you may have in your setup that you may want to get fixed.