Speaker Gareth Hoyle

CEO, Marketing Signals
Mobberley, Cheshire, United Kingdom


Gareth has a commercial mind with the deep technical understanding of all things digital marketing. He conveys comprehensive knowledge in a straightforward and easily understandable way to stakeholders at all levels. You will enjoy this presentation!

Gareth's sessions

11:20 - 11:50 , Friday

Driving Digital Clicks To Your Physical Bricks

In November 2018, pre-Christmas internet sales accounted for only one-fifth of retail spending in the UK. This is strong evidence that a physical presence is still a major key to a business's success.
But how do we drive, track, and measure footfall? We need a way to both uncover the purchase route and measure our findings against the intended user journey and brand experience.
This strategic talk will offer thoughts and insights into how you can drive, track, and attribute results to the offline user journey. We’ll be joining the dots at all stages of the funnel with practical implementation examples for you to consider.