Speaker Anna Dahlström

Founder & Designer, UX Fika
United Kingdom


Anna is a London based Swedish UX designer, speaker and coach. Over the last 17 years, Anna has worked client side for the likes of BBC, for startups (including running her own) and agencies on a large variety of brands and projects, from websites, apps and bots to TV UIs. She’s a regular speaker and have spoken and run workshops at conferences like SXSW, UX London and UXLx. She’s currently focused on helping individuals, teams, organisations and startups with UX related matters as well as finishing off her book for O’Reilly about Storytelling in Design.

Anna's sessions

12:40 -13:10 , Thursday

HX & Storytelling: How to Make the User the True Hero

We tend to talk about consumers, customers and users but the people we're referring to are more than that. They are human beings with complex needs that influence their actions, or lack of the same.

In this practical session we'll look at why we should think more broadly in terms of human experience (HX) and how purposeful storytelling can help define, design and deliver contextually relevant products and services that connect online and offline and make the user the true hero.