Speaker Andraž Štalec

Co-founder and CEO, Red Orbit


Andraž Štalec is the CEO and Co-founder of Red Orbit, the leading digital performance agency in Adriatic region. Data, analytics and performance run through his veins. He is also a European search awards judge, Google certified trainer and a regular speaker at major international digital marketing events.

Andraž's sessions

9:45 - 10:30 , Thursday

Tomorrow’s World

The shape of modern marketing is witnessing a dramatic shift. Each year, new technologies arise, existing technologies get smarter and customers get savvier.
The increasing complexity of digital landscape on one side and huge business expectations on the other side are the driving force of change in digital. There may have been a time when you could’ve dismissed trends such as artificial intelligence or voice search as gimmicks, but that time is long gone.
There are many new digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech, Internet-connected era and understanding how they are used through decision journey has never been more important. What worked for you last year may not work next year. How to embrace this change? How to prepare for the future? Where to start and what to expect?
We'll deep-dive into most disruptive digital trends and technologies and identify those that will shape tomorrow’s world.