Speaker Anders Hjorth

Digital Marketing Strategist, Innovell
Paris, France


Anders Hjorth is a digital marketing strategist, entrepreneur and a frequent speaker on Digital Marketing as well as a judge on various industry Awards in the area of Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Biddable Media. He was the Founder of several Digital Marketing agencies in Paris: Relevant Traffic [Search Marketing], BDBL MEDIA [Biddable Media] and aznos [Content Marketing] acquired by Altima in 2016 and then Accenture in 2017. Anders was also COO at GroupM Search across EMEA and is the founder of Innovell; provider of Digital Marketing Insights.

Anders's sessions

12:10 - 12:40 , Thursday

Winning Strategies in Paid Search - Learning from the Best

Over the past few years, complexity of paid search has significantly increased. The massive arrival of audience targeting and machine-learning based functionalities has multiplied the campaign options available to digital marketers.
Where Search Strategy used to be a mere question of expansion and optimization, this will no longer make your campaigns go above average. Luckily, new breeds of sophisticated search strategies are now emerging. In our top-down research of the leading paid search teams in the world, we have identified a number of these new strategies and will share them with you in this presentation.