Speaker Alex Huditan

Ambassador of Happiness, Amazonienii


Alex is an Entrepreneur, Investor, World Traveller, and Mango Juice Lover. He radically changed his life and his beliefs 6 years ago, going from a cubicle job in Bucharest to now owning multiple 7 figure companies and enjoying a real 4-hour workweek. Two years ago, Alex started teaching the Amazon FBA business model, the same model that made him financially free, to thousands around the world.

Alex's sessions

15:20 - 15:50 , Friday

How to Have a Profitable Business with Amazon FBA in 2019

This presentation is filled with clear, actionable strategies to start implementing immediately so you can stay ahead of the game in 2019. We will cover:

Why Amazon is still a great place to start a physical product business
Two winning blueprints for brand owners to get organic sales
How to budget a launch of a new product
How to best rank new or old products
What new technology is influencing sales on Amazon and how to use it in your advantage
One easy way to get a lot of reviews