Speaker Alba Vargas Jiménez

Head of Scalability, Oracle NetSuite


Alba is a versatile and analytical business strategy, senior marketing and scalability leader with experience in the marketing agency world and the SaaS technology and telecommunications industries. Both in Spain and internationally in markets including Italy, South Africa, the US, the UK.

She’s experienced in managing teams to create and develop:

– Demand generation for products and services via digital marketing methodologies
– End-to-end marketing campaign strategies including acquisition, up/x-sell and retention strategies
– Go-to-market planning and execution for new products and services in a multi-channel, multi-language environment
– Sales enablement resources and materials that help accelerate the sales funnel – including case studies, webinars and events
– Scaling processes to guarantee efficiency and agility for business growth
– Technological analysis, purchase and implementation (including internal documentation and training)
– Internal strategy and technical support for marketing related issues

Alba also teaches at several universities in their postgraduate courses on CRM management and Inbound marketing.

Alba's sessions

12:10 - 12:40 , Thursday

Going Beyond Digital Marketing to Generate Business

In the current competitive business environment, businesses need to think beyond contend, ads, landing pages, forms and emails to build sustainable growth. In this presentation we will run through a real example, outside the marketing world, to picture how a combination of technology and customer satisfaction need to be the basis of any digital marketing strategy to generate leads and eventually customers.