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10 April 2024, PortoroŇĺ, Slovenia

Check the winners of inOrbit Awards 2024!

Dates for your calendar:

1 March 2024

Entry Deadline

5 March 2024

Extended Entry Deadline

27 March 2024


10 April 2024

Award Ceremony

inOrbit awards winners

Winners of inOrbit Awards 2024

Congratulations to the winners of the inOrbit Awards 2024! The awarded projects and campaigns have shown creativity, innovation and excellent results. Those teams were not afraid to push the boundaries of digital marketing. This year 15 projects and campaigns have impressed the international jury the most. Check whose shelf is now brighter because of the inOrbit Award. Congratulations once again!

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Inorbit awards winners
inOrbit20 conference is still happening, but due to the current epidemiologic situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) in Slovenia, we are changing its format. Follow the latest updates here.
inorbit categories


The inOrbit Awards comprise a variety of categories providing businesses and agencies with the opportunity to showcase their proficiency in digital marketing. From strategic brand campaigns to innovative tech solutions, our categories capture the broad spectrum of digital marketing. Dive into our array of categories and find where your work stands out.

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inorbit contest


Ready to showcase your digital innovative strategies, captivating campaigns, and revolutionary ideas? The stage is set for you to step into your greatness. Discover everything you need to know about rules, important dates, entry forms, and technical guidelines. Dive deep, prepare thoroughly, and let your digital masterpieces shine. Curious about the details? Click on, and let's set the stage for excellence.

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inorbit contest
inorbit judging


We are immensely proud to highlight our judges as tribe leaders in the digital marketing universe. Their extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry's trends and best practices guarantee that the InOrbit Awards will showcase the very best in the field. Check the judging criteria, gain insights into the comprehensive judging process, and get to know our judges.

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At inOrbit you will learn actionable tactics and techniques from real-life examples our expert speakers have learned through decades in the digital marketing trenches... MORE

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