inOrbit Awards Application

By submitting your application, you are taking the first step to join the absolute best in digital marketing. We can't wait to see what you will bring into our Orbit.

    Application process

    Welcome to the application process for the inOrbit Awards, where you can apply by following the process outlined below.

    1. Fill in your contact information. Ensure that all details are accurate and up-to-date.

    2. Select categories you wish to apply for. Be sure to consider which areas best represent your accomplishments and contributions.

    3. Upload your Entry Form. We've prepared an Entry Form template to make the application process easier for you. If you do not have an Entry Form yet, you can download this template from here.

    Deadline Fee for 1 entry in one category Fee for additional category
    Regular entry fee  1 March 2024 249 € (+ VAT if applicable) 199 € (+ VAT if applicable)

    The applicant may submit an individual work in several categories. When registering the same work in several categories, only one Entry form and one online Application must be filled, but marked with all categories that the work is applied for. Application fee must be paid for each applied category.

    The applicant can register several works in the same category. When registering several works in the same category, separate Entry form and online Application must be filled and pay a separate application fee for each work.

    Application form


    If you are applying for the same work in different categories, do not forget to check all the categories you want the work to be applied for.

    If you are applying for multiple works, you will need to fill out a separate Entry Form for each work. Example: 3 Entries = 3 Entry Forms = 3 Application.