Discover Our Snack and Drink Selections!

Feeling snacky? Need a bit of an energy boost? Check out our guide for conference Snacks and Drinks.


Europa Hall Lobby

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Whole day of conference talks, workshops, chat.. without snacks and coffee? It is not something that happens at inOrbit. We made sure that you’ll have a great start of the day as well as some sweet options for when you feel a bit low with energy available throughout the day.

We’re excited to present a diverse array of snack and coffee options designed to cater to every taste and keep you energized throughout the event. We’ve partnered with Costa Coffee to bring you an exquisite selection of coffee choices, ranging from the classic Espresso to the rich and creamy Latte, ensuring there’s a perfect cup for every coffee aficionado. Adding a unique touch to our offerings, we’re introducing MagicRooty, an innovative drink, alternative to coffee and food supplement that blends 8 crucial ingredients, promising not just an energy boost but also contributing to your overall well-being.

For those looking for healthier snack alternatives, Gajbica will be providing a range of fresh, juicy fruits, carefully selected for their taste and nutritional value. And for a fun, refreshing treat, La Popsi will be serving their delightful ice pops, made with natural ingredients and perfect for a quick cool-down between sessions.

We’re thrilled to extend our drinks selection into the afternoon hours. Prepare to indulge in a sophisticated twist with Squalo Mail‘s exclusive Gin & Tonic service. Grab yours on Tuesday, 9th of April from 13:10-17:10!