Fireside Chats: A more relaxed format of Lectures

Discover a new track that we are introducing at this year's inOrbit conference. Fireside chats are a format with more relaxed atmosphere where you can participate with questions and mingle right after them.


Mediteranea Hall

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This year’s novelty of the conference is the transfer of knowledge in an informal format, as part of Fireside chats. This format of lectures encourages participants to participate in the lecture in a relaxed manner through questions, conversations, share their opinions, experiences, examples of good practice and ask the opinions of others present as well. Comfortable armchairs and the very design of the space, which in itself will invite collegial cooperation, will ensure that the Fireside chats are truly relaxed.

On Monday’s Fireside Chat, the host Jon Quinton will explore the topic of AI and automation in marketing with Sam Lewis-Williams from the Financial Times. In a form of a live podcast Marketing freaks, presented by Overdrive Digital they will discuss the balance between technology and the human element, offering insights into the future of digital marketing. You are more than welcome to interact and participate with questions, providing a unique opportunity to learn from top industry experts.

Tuesday will held two Fireside chats. Both hosted by an award-winning SEO consultant Jono Alderson. The morning Fireside chat will dive into the topics of Neurodiversity and ADHD as Arnout Hellemans will give some insight on the benefits of being neuro diverse in the current digital marketing landscape. After lunch Jono will introduce a new guest – Neil Collard, as they will dive into the topic on how to grow your agency.

With every new day another chat is added and so on Wednesday three chats will be held. Jono will start a morning chat with the co-founder of Feel Rooty – Grega Gostinčar, who will try to answer questions on how to to kickstart your mornings with focus, productivity and motivation and what are the effects of coffee, brain supplements, nootropics and psychedelics on your performance. After learning all about how to stay focused and motivated Jono will switch sides and joined by host Greg Gifford, a local SEO expert, unlock all SEO secrets. The last but not least Fireside chat hosted by Robert Craven will be a panel discussion with Becky Simms, Ann Stanley and Valentina Pirih on the good, the bad and the ugly .. when it comes to managing customers and stakeholders. Surely not to be missed!