Nurturing Mind and Body: Your Itinerary for Wellbeing inOrbit

Discover how our early wellbeing workshops can enhance your mental clarity and readiness for the bustling day ahead!


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At the heart of inOrbit lies a deep commitment to nurturing well-being. Recognizing the transformative power of starting the day centered and focused, we’re thrilled to offer yoga and meditation workshops each morning. Join Magda on both Tuesday and Wednesday morning sessions. These sessions are thoughtfully designed to promote mental hygiene and equip you with the inner calm needed to navigate the vibrant dynamics of our conference.

All you need to know about Magda’s sessions:

Morning Activation

Tuesday, 9th of April: 8:00-9:00 at Bernardin Beach

Morning Restoration

Wednesday, 10th of April 8:00-9:00 on Church Platform in front of Hotel Histrion (3min walk from GH Bernardin)

For both sessions if possible, wear some comfy clothes and in case of bad weather the session will be moved to Europa Hall.

We’re also excited to introduce a Costa Coffee Latte Art Workshop. This unique experience will not only delight your senses with the art of coffee making but also offer insights into how a mindful coffee ritual can be a catalyst for creativity and connection throughout the day. Join us to explore how these enriching practices can elevate your conference experience, ensuring you’re not just informed but also inspired and invigorated.

Join Costa Coffee Latte Art Workshop on Tuesday, 9th of April from 15:30-16:10 in Europa Lobby.