Red Orbit Epic Party: To the Moon and Back

Get ready to party like there's no gravity at the Epic inOrbit Party: To the Moon and Back! After a day of learning at the inOrbit, it's time to let loose and have a blast with music, dancing, and an atmosphere that's simply out of this world!


Epic inOrbit Party, a party to remember.

April 9th, at 20:00

News Cafe, Obala 4f, Portorož


Get ready to blast off into an out-of-this-world party experience at the Epic inOrbit Party: To the Moon and Back! After a day of exploring the frontiers of marketing at the inOrbit, it’s time to let go of gravity and enjoy a stellar evening of fun and excitement.

The party will be held at News Cafe, just a short 400m walk from the conference. With a high-energy DJ spinning space-themed tracks, you’ll be dancing and grooving to the beat of the cosmos. From classic hits like David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” to futuristic tracks like Daft Punk’s “Contact”, we’ve got a playlist that will keep you on your feet all night long. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your marketing success or make new cosmic connections we’ll transport to a galaxy far, far away.




The party isn’t just about the music and drinks. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other conference attendees and make new cosmic connections. Whether you’re a looking to expand your network or a space enthusiast looking to meet like-minded individuals, you’re sure to find someone interesting to talk to.

So suit up and get ready for a gravity-defying evening at the Epic inOrbit Party: To the Moon and Back! This is the perfect opportunity to let loose and make unforgettable memories with your fellow marketing explorers. We can’t wait to see you at News Cafe located at Obala 4f in Portorož just a few minutes walk from Grand Hotel Bernardin!




Important party instructions

While packing, do not forget to take some comfortable dancing shoes and some crazy sparkly outfits with you since that’s what you’ll need most! The night is ours to be!