inOrbit Sunset Social

Start your inOrbit experience on Monday with lovely drinks, panel with our speakers and relax chatter, accompanied with stunning seaside view.


inOrbit Sunset Social

April 8th at 20:15

GH Bernardin Sunny Seaview Terrace

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Prepare your suitcase by Sunday and head straight to the stunning Grand Hotel Bernardin from work. A luxurious 5-star room awaits you, ready for you to unpack, unwind, and soak in the breathtaking views.

Once settled, come and immerse yourself in the inOrbit Sunset Social. Savor a glass of exquisite Ščurek wines, indulge in the refined tastes of President cheeses, and let the conversations with our panel of speakers spark new ideas and inspirations. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and enrichment!

Tucked underneath the warm spring sun you will relax, chat with speakers and other attendees and start your inOrbit experience with style.