Feast on Ideas: Themed Discussion Tables at Lunch Break

From operational efficiencies to client relations, and from creative collaborations to growth strategies, this track is designed as a melting pot of ideas and solutions that cater specifically to the dynamic world of agency management.





During conference lunch breaks at the Grand Restaurant will become a place of intellectual engagement and social interaction.

This initiative aims to transform mealtime into a dynamic exchange of ideas.

So if you feel like you wanna mingle and share your ideas with like-minded people, come and sit down at one of the 10 themed discussion tables each representing an aspect of the digital and marketing world: SEO, Agency, Social Media, AI, Data & Analytics, Leadership & Strategy, Email, Content Marketing, B2B, and Digital Advertising

This unique lunch experience is more than a meal—it’s a feast of ideas where knowledge is shared, conversations are ignited, and connections are forged. Join us on both Tuesday, April 9th, from 13:10 to 14:40, and Wednesday, April 10th, from 12:30 to 14:00.