Grill & Beer

Unwind and Connect before you hit the road


Cafe Grand Terrace

April 10th at 16:30

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Last but not least! inOrbit conference just closed curtains for this years’ edition and we invite you to join us at Grill & Beer  Sunset Farewell. Quench your thirst with a crisp, alcohol-free Union Premium 0,0 beer and experience the innovative, plant-based delights of Juicy Marbles‘ grilled meats.

This is your last chance to exchange those contacts, take some photos and unwind before reality hits you when you’ll leave Portorož. Engage in enlightening discussions with like-minded people from the conference, igniting new ideas and inspirations in this serene setting. This enchanting evening marks not just the culmination of our conference but a celebration of new beginnings, all enjoyed in the company of peers as we bid farewell.