Spring 2025

GH Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia

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inOrbit20 conference is still happening, but due to the current epidemiologic situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) in Slovenia, we are changing its format. Follow the latest updates here.

Europe's #1 conference on digital marketing, business and personal growth.

About inOrbit

Power up your skills, discover the newest trends and get new knowledge from the best in the industry.

The content

Richard Shotton giving his keynote session at inOrbit 2023

Get ready to ignite your digital marketing game at inOrbit! Immerse yourself in the sizzling world of actionable tactics and techniques, straight from the real-life triumphs of our seasoned expert speakers who've conquered the digital marketing trenches for decades.

Navigate through the dynamic tracks of Strategy, Deep Dive & Fireside, where conference events and panels will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dive into sessions on personal and business growth, with a spotlight on agencies making waves in the industry. And did we mention the dedicated time for networking? Connect, mingle, and soak in the electric atmosphere of a live event – because inOrbit 2025 is where the magic happens!


Past speakers

Gill Andrews giving her session @inOrbit23

Our handpicked expert speakers are geared up to spill the beans on the latest tactics propelling their online empires to new heights! Discover the insider secrets that will turbocharge your funnels and skyrocket the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

This isn't just another event; this is your golden opportunity to soak in the wisdom and connect with the trailblazers of the digital marketing world. Elevate your game and ride the wave of success with firsthand insights from some of the absolute best in the business! READ MORE

inOrbit Awards

a beach hotel where the inOrbit conference will be held

Experience the inOrbit Awards - a prestigious addition added to inOrbit24 Conference. These European digital marketing awards celebrate the finest achievements in the fast-paced world of digital marketing across Europe.

What sets the inOrbit Awards apart is our international judging panel with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the industry’s trends and best practices. The highlight of this prestigious event will be the Awards Ceremony with gala dinner.

Ready to shine on a global stage? Find where your work stands out and join us to network, toast achievements and simply have fun! READ MORE

Pre-register for inOrbit25
Pre-register for inOrbit25

Past speakers

Highlights from
previous years

  • Keep doing what you're doing - it's the best conference in Europe by a MILE!!!

  • Fantastic conference and I'm glad I was a part of it! I got so many different insights that it definitely changed my perspective in day-to-day activities.
    Great experience, well over my expectations.

  • Great conference with various speakers and subjects.
    Best speakers with hands on examples and with guidelines and do's/don'ts.

  • Attendees taking a break in Red Orbit chill seats enjoying sunshine.
  • Opening Act for inOrbit 2024



At inOrbit you will learn actionable tactics and techniques from real-life examples our expert speakers have learned through decades in the digital marketing trenches... MORE

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