Zorin Radovančević

Co-founder and CEO, Escape

Session: Google Ads Evolution
11:15 - 11:45, April 9th 2024, Strategy
A session for anyone wanting to max out opportunities led by some recent and some not-so-recent events in the industry, starting with compliance and enriching with the advent of many integration options (1st party). Get to know the processes, methods, and stack needed to be on top of the performance PPC and Analytics game.

There will be mentions of APIs, Machine Learning, and algorithms, but all will be used in a highly practical case context.


Zorin is the co-founder and CEO at Escape - a Google Marketing Platform Sales partner and a long-time Analytics community memeber (Google Analytics Top Contributor). Expert in everything that has anything to do with efficiency and utilizing MarTech to do what it is supposed to do. Lately dealing a lot with Ads, ML, old school business analysis, and making it smarter and faster.