Gianluca Fiorelli

Strategic and International SEO Consultant, iloveseo

Session: Image and Visual Search for e-commerce
15:10 - 15:40, April 8th 2024, Deep dive
In his presentation, Gianluca will present why Image and Visual Search are important, how to optimize your website and online presence for them, and what's coming next.

Image and Visual Search is a field that SEOs tended to neglect in the past. However, with the ever-growing importance of the visual elements in SERPs, the central part Lens is having in the Multimodal idea Google is developing for Search, and the completely established preferred behavior people have about Visual Shopping, ignoring Image and Visual Search is something that cannot be tolerated anymore.


Gianluca is active in the Search Industry since 2004 after a decade as working the Italian TV industry. Since then, he collaborated with business companies of any size like Glassdoor, Idealista, SIXT, MSC Cruises, Iberostar and many others, specializing himself in International and Strategic SEO. Active member of the SEO community, Gianluca has spoken in events like Brighton SEO, Mozcon, SMX, International SEO Summit, Pubcon, and he can be easily reached out on Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn where he is active contributing to sane and respectful conversation about SEO and Digital. Father a two kids and happily married, Gianluca love traveling, painting miniatures, watching Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies/series ... and chocolate.